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Research Overview

My research spans a variety of topics in high-energy nuclear theory with a focus on understanding Quantum Chromodynamics both in equilibrium (equation of state, critical point, conserved charges etc) and out-of-equilibrium (relativistic hydrodynamics, initial conditions, approach to chemical equilibrium). 

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Recent Talks

Find slides of my recent talks at both conferences and institutions.

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A few recent publications are highlighted.


Curriculum Vitae

Education and work experience, full list of talks, publications, and awards.



Event-by-event relativistic viscous hydrodynamic code that has resulted in over 30 publications in peer reviewed journals. Links to publicly available predictions as well. 


Open Sources codes

My group develops a number of open sources codes that are accessible to the wider nuclear physics community.  Recent examples are on the equation of state, ICCING (Initializing Conserved Charges in Nuclear Geometry), and relativistic hydrodynamics (coming soon).

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