Current Members

Travis Dore
PhD Student. Working on conserved charges and temperature dependent viscosities in relativistic heavy ion collisions.
Patrick Carzon
PhD student. Working on initial conditions in heavy ion collisions.
Debora Mroczek
Graduate Student. Machine learning and the QCD phase diagram (NSF-GRFP)
Annie Gao
Undergrad student. Working on multicomponent van der Waals equation of state for the liquid-gas phase transition.
Lydia Spychalla
Undergrad student. Working on 4D equation of state (BSQ) coupling to hydrodynamics
Steven Li
Undergrad student. Working on jets in relativistic hydrodynamics.
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Former Members

Assorted Group Photos

Prof. Matt Sievert
Former Postdoctoral fellow, Currently professor at New Mexico State University
Skanda Rao
Undergraduate students. Working on initial conditions and relativistic hydrodynamics.
Noah Paladino
Undergraduate Student. Working on parallel processing in relativistic hydrodynamics.
Emma McLaughlin
REU student (summer 2018). Worked on predictions of transport coefficients in a baryon density Quark Gluon Plasma,
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Summer 2018

After a produce summer of research the group goes out for Chinese food.